We’re Not Quite Right…

…but we’re fairly certain that you know that.

First, I need to let you know that I completely blame Jenn B. for this.   I can’t remember when she told me about it, but she said she wanted to knit Bunny Nuggets.  I didn’t have an immediate reaction to it, and a day or so later looked up the pattern on Ravelry, and decided that I, too, had to knit bunny nuggets.

I remember the day very well.  It was a Saturday.  I was working with Steven and Carla, and happily knitting away.  Naturally, they wanted to know what I was knitting.  I told them.  Let me say how mightily they mocked me:  They made fun, laughed and laughed, and said they thought I had lost (what little is left of) my mind.

But then, I finished Adam.

He is Adam, because he was the first.

Next thing I knew, Steven had knit him a partner, named Steve.

Carla took some scrap yarn home and created some crocheted versions:

Meet Brother From Another Mother Bunny Nugget and The Godfather. We can neither confirm or deny the existence of a third crocheted nugget.  I believe she has been placed in Nugget Jail for questionable behavior.

Also in our nugget family, we have Himmie:

He was specifically requested by Teri.  She says he looks like a Himalayan bunny.

Then there is Harvey:

And our newest addition is Alejandro, the adopted child of Adam and Steve:

(Note the pride in their little faces).

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6 Responses to We’re Not Quite Right…

  1. babelbabe says:

    you guys might need to get out more.

  2. Brooke says:

    I love you all! Too funny.

  3. Jenn says:

    I will very happily accept the blame for starting you on Bunny Nuggets. I haven’t even knit any yet! And truthfully I’m kind of afraid because I probably won’t be able to stop and we’ll be overrun by Bunny Nuggets. (but that would be ADORABLE.)

  4. lisabee says:


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  6. Kathleen says:

    I want one! You should sell them. They could be the next beenie babies.

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