Open letter to a thief

This evening I just found an empty label for Lorna’s Lace’s Helen’s Lace on our shelf. According to our inventory we haven’t sold it so I have to presume it was stolen.

I feel sorry for whoever feels they have to steal from my small shop.

I am also very angry at whoever stole from us so don’t even bother asking for help with this yarn. We know what color it is and the fact that you don’t have a label means we’ll know who you are if you do ask for help.


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2 Responses to Open letter to a thief

  1. Yvonne says:

    oh my goodness.
    oh, i’m so sorry.

  2. amberlee says:

    Oh Martha! How awful…I am sure this just breaks your heart as well. I can’t imagine the feelings I would have in this situation.

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