A Busy Week or Two

                It has been a hectic couple of weeks at the shop. Besides the festival there has been a ton of new stuff that has come in. We had the Noro Taiyo show up as well as some new Opal Sock yarn. We also got half a dozen new colors of Creamy, which is the yarn made from milk.


                If you are into Noro, (And you know who you are) this yarn is going to be a bit different. I am not a Noro fan mainly because of the feel of it. For some reason the people that make Noro feel that your sweater needs to be able to exfoliate you at all times. That is not so with this new stuff. The Taiyo is soft and of course comes in the colors that Noro is legendary for. It is 40% cotton, 30% silk and 15% Wool and Nylon. It is listed as a bulky weight.


                The Opal Sock yarn (which I am a fan of) is tasty as usual. We brought in a bunch of colors from their Fantasy line.

                On personal knitting news I have been very busy working on knitted items for my Clown Brigade. Usually the staple for clown knitting is Red Heart Yarns. This is mainly for it’s durability and ability to stand up to repeated washings. About a month ago we got a new yarn into the shop from Dark Horse. The colors from Dark Horse Fantasy (which we ordered all of them) are tempting enough that I had to give them a try.


                We have a 9 year old in the Brigade who wanted a special scarf for her costume. She liked the idea of the Potato Chip scarf but it is no were near strong enough to stand up to clown work. Before going to the old standby, Red Heart, I decided to give the Dark Horse a try. Dark Horse Fantasy is much softer than Red Heart but still come in a great variety of colors.


                To make a long story short I designed my own ruffle scarf that turned out to be nothing like the Potato Chip Scarf in it’s construction. The scarf stood up to our first line of tests and has proven pretty enough for the very discerning Jasmine, who goes by the clown name Lucy Dolittle. We had the pattern in our special newsletter for the festival if anyone is interested in making one of their own.


                Be safe out there everyone, and I hope to see you at the shop.

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  1. amberlee says:

    Beautiful Scarf!!! I love the colors and how it looks more ruffly than scrunchie swirly…if that makes any sense! :) Looks like fun to create too.

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