The Crochet Cast-On, Reloaded

Due to technical difficulties, we realize many our newsletter subscribers may not have been able to see the pictures that accompanied the Crochet Cast-On article in our last issue.  Here it is again, with BIGGER! pictures.

The crochet cast on is also known as the bind off cast on, because it is the only cast on that looks exactly like the bind off. I prefer this cast on for most of my projects, because I know that I won’t run out of yarn, like I probably would with the long-tail, and it’s a very stretchy cast on.

The Tools:

Yarn (yes, the yarn you’re using for your project)

Knitting Needle (again, the one you’re using for your project)

Crochet Hook (a size smaller than the knitting needles is suggested).

The Method:

Make a slip knot and put the slip knot onto the crochet hook (for counting purposes, this is your first stitch.)


Holding the hook in your right hand, with yarn and knitting needle in the left hand, and the yarn passing from your fingers under the knitting needle. Anchor the tail by holding it in your left hand and tight to the knitting needle. Move your crochet hook over the knitting needle, grab the yarn, and pull the yarn through the loop on your crochet hook. (Really, this sounds more difficult than it looks.)


Continue in this manner until you have the required number of stitches (don’t forget to include the loop that is on your crochet hook).


When you have the required number of stitches, move the loop from your crochet hook to your knitting needle. You are now ready to begin your first row of knitting!


Happy knitting!

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