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From our latest newsletter:

It started so innocently…

Yvonne: I want to cast on 449 stitches.
Anna: You’re nuts.

A few weeks later:

Yvonne: I still want to cast on 449 stitches.
Anna: You’re still nuts.

But then the next week:

Anna: I, too, want to cast on 449 stitches.
Yvonne: HA HA HA.

What, you ask, could have brought about this exchange?

I have wanted to cast on for the Stora Dimun shawl from Cheryl Oberle’s Folk Shawls for as long as I’ve had the book – which has been at least two years, if not longer. I brought this up to Anna, and you can see what happened. Before we knew it, Carla wanted to knit one, Kelli was asking about it, and a customer brought her copy of Folk Shawls in and said that while she was working on the Irish Diamond shawl currently, she wanted to knit the Stora Dimun shawl next. Suddenly, a knit-along was born. Book

The shawl is named for Stóra Dímun, an island in the southern Faroe Islands. The island is accessible from sea only during periods of clear and calm weather, but regular helicopter service is available twice a week through the whole year.

Faroese shawls are uniquely shaped. You cast on stitches for the outer edge of the shawl (not just the top or just the bottom), and work regular decreases every other row to form a triangle with a center back gusset. The effect is two triangular sections with knitted-on borders, joined by a center panel. Additionally, the shawls are knit in garter stitch – no purling required!

After hashing out some upcoming projects and events, we have decided to start the Stora Dimun Knit Along. If you are interested in participating, we are casting on our 449 stitches starting May 3.
What you will need:

Folk Shawls by Cheryl Oberle
About 1125 yards of DK or sport weight yarn. Our suggestions:
o Nature Spun Sport (7 balls);
o Louet Gems Sport (5 skeins);
o Malabrigo Silky Merino (8 skeins);
o O Wool Legacy (4 skeins);
o Alpaca Silk (8 skeins);
o Dream in Color Smooshy or Starry (for a smaller shawl) (3 skeins).

You are only limited by your imagination on this one. Want a light, airy shawl? Choose a laceweight, such as the JaggerSpun Zephyr or the Alpaca With a Twist Fino. Want something heavier? Choose a worsted. Can you imagine this in the Cascade Ecological Wool?

Please consider joining us for this knit along. We’ll be available for help at any time, but are planning to make Saturday afternoons “Stora Saturdays” so that you can take advantage of focused (well, as focused as we can get) knitting time.

Interested? Follow along with us on our Ravelry board!

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