A few weeks ago, Monica offered suggestions for toys for the Easter basket. Recently, Yvonne finished Hop, an adorable bunny from a Blue Sky Alpacas pattern, available here at the shop . Hop takes one skein of Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton.  His sweater is made from O-Wool Balance, a DK cotton and wool blend.


Hop poses with Annette’s fiber rabbit, Professor Spaghetti Bandit.

If you’d rather knit a cow instead of a rabbit, here’s Monica’s Knitted Cow, from the Rowan Purelife book for children, also available in the shop. Cow is also made from Blue Sky Alpaca Organic and Dyed Cotton.

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4 Responses to Hop!

  1. Robin says:

    Methinks that cow might be calling my name…..

  2. monica says:

    Hee, Cow’s famous 😀

  3. babelbabe says:

    the udder on the cow is…disconcerting. I am just saying.

  4. monica says:

    Isn’t it though? It’s annoying to knit, too (the patch, each udder knitted in the flat separately, seamed up, stuffed, sewed to the patch, etc). 😛 But the second we got the book in and saw the pattern (going on over a year ago now), that was oddly the thing that drew us to it. Disturbingly adorable, shall we say? :)

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