Guess whoooooooo is getting owl-der?


Someone we all know and love is turning SIXTY this week! Stop by the shop or email her at to wish her a happy birthday.

It’s November, and we’re so excited about all the fun coming up this month.  In addition to Carla’s birthday, we’ll be celebrating our second anniversary (can you believe it’s been two years already?) and Pajama Day, in which we wear our PJs to work on Black Friday.  Plus, we are thrilled to offer Yvonne’s brand new seaming classes — find them on the calendar here! Hope to see you soon!

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13 Responses to Guess whoooooooo is getting owl-der?

  1. lisabee says:

    i love pajama day! hurry up, thanksgiving!

  2. Lee Anne says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Carla!!! Thanks for all of your teaching, you rock!

  3. Amberlee says:

    Whoot Whoot! Happy Birthday Carla!!!! We love you!

  4. CathyJ says:

    Oh my – another year older – and a milestone at that – hope it way great.

  5. Jean says:

    Happy Birthday Carla,
    You may think about the person that you are knitting for, but every time I knit socks, I think of you.I hope that you are celebrating the whole month!

  6. Wanda Dietrich says:

    Hi Carla,

    Happy Birthday….but whorever types your newsletter can’t type correctly. Sooooooo Happy 50th!!!!!
    Enjoy…..Don’t do anything your guardian angel would be embarrassed about!!!!!!! :)


    PS I like subtracting years instead of adding!!!!

  7. Marlene G says:

    Happy Birthday to an inspiring teacher and person. May you have many more healthy, happy years.

  8. Babeth Raible says:

    Happy Birthday!
    I’m not a student… yet.
    (I swear I’m taking that cute, little owl class, I swear!!!)
    Best wishes :)

  9. Marlene (Marty) says:

    Hope your special day is/was even 1/10th as special as you are!!!
    If it is/was, then it must be/have been a “Hoot” {;o)) !!!
    Happy Day Carla ~ I’ll always be a Carlanista; and I’ll never forget our first meeting down at the Waterfront knit-tog. I’ve been learning from you ever since! Thank you!!!

  10. Kathy Farrington says:

    Happy Birthday Carla!

    Being in your 60’s is fun — so enjoy

  11. Carol Reichbaum says:


    Here is wishing you a fabulous Birthday and hoping that all is well with you!


  12. Frank L. says:

    Happy Birthday Carla —-welcome to the club…..still knitting socks the way you taught me…..

  13. Geeta says:


    60 is the new 50! Hope you had a great day.

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