Ask Carla: I want my mojo back!

Dear Carla,

I have been gardening all summer, but with the kids back in school and the nights getting cooler, I want to start knitting again. I pulled out the top-down sweater I started with you last winter, but I forget where I am in the pattern. How do I get myself straightened out again?

Gardening in Greenfield

Dear Gardening in Greenfield,

I’m so glad you are coming back to your sweater. We are all so busy in the summer it’s easy to let winter garments lag. First thing I would suggest is getting out a large bar of chocolate. That way it will be ready if you get frustrated. Or if you just deserve it!

Seriously, get out the sweater and the pattern. Determine what portion of the sweater you are working on. Have you taken the sleeve stitches off onto a piece of yarn or do you still have all the stitches on the needles? Now read the pattern. Start from the place where it says “Knitting. Now the fun part at last!” If you have taken the sleeve stitches off the needles then you are on the body and need to just knit until you reach your desired body length (or until it is time to start your ribbing). What is your desired body length? Look at the measurements page that tells you how long we figured your sweater should be. Now you are back on track and can follow the pattern from there finishing the body, then slipping the sleeve stitches on to needles and knitting those. Don’t forget to do your sleeve decreases! It’s in the pattern under “Sleeves”.

If you have not yet taken your sleeve stitches off the needles you are in the increase section of your sweater. Again, get out the pattern and start at “Knitting. Now the fun part at last”. Do your increases (the one we use is knit into the front and the back of the next stitch) before and after each marker every other round until you reach your raglan measurement. You will find that measurement on the measurements page. It is measured down the increase line of your stitches. When you reach that measurement take your sleeve stitches off on to a piece of yarn (as described in the pattern) and continue the body as outlined above. Remember, you can come in to the shop and get help doing that part. It is very easy to do but hard to understand if you have not done it before.

If you see a theme running through this it is this. Look at both the sweater AND the pattern. Just looking at one of them won’t help you. Chances are you will be able to find your way and get back knitting all on your own.

If all that fails bring your pattern AND the sweater to the shop. You can email me at and I will give you the hours I will be working the floor so you can talk directly to me. Any of the staff can help you get the stitches flowing off your needles again so feel free to just drop in and ask. We are glad to help but we ask you to understand that if we are busy we can’t just stop everything to do it. Weekends are especially busy for us so are not good times to seek help.

So there you are, Gardening in Greenfield. That should get you back to your knitting in no time. Oh. BTW. Since I never stop knitting I don’t garden so if you should have some spare zucchini…..lolol.


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