We’re moving in!

Friday was moving day. And boy were we busy!

The shop before we got started:


First we did this:


Then we took these into the shop:


The shop is such a mess!


Then we started on the Cascade Rainbow:


By the end of the day we had this:


Finally, here’s how some of us felt at the end of the day:


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7 Responses to We’re moving in!

  1. lisa says:

    so then you’re opening this weekend, right??

  2. Janet says:

    OhMyGod… the Cascade rainbow is just… wow, I’m so excited!!

  3. Holli S says:

    OMFG!!! The cascade rainbow is just BRILLIANT! I mean – FLIPPING GORGEOUS!!!!!! makes me want to just run my grubby (yet clean) hands all through it. I hope we can make the Grande Openyng ;-). Either way, I am SO looking forward to seeing it and bringing my MIL (she could use a good crac..er..yarn house).

  4. I saw that rainbow a few nights ago when I was driving by and I am *so* geeked for you to open!

  5. Liz S says:

    The Cascade rainbow is WONDERFUL! I wish we were closer so I could actually shop there. (Bard doesn’t. He knows how much money I’d drop there…)

    And is that Robin flopped on the yarn? Lucky!

    Will you be doing mail order?

  6. BlackRayne says:

    The Cascade Rainbow is positively beautiful! I cannot wait until you are open!

  7. Barbianne says:

    I just want to say first to M the yarn shop is the most beautiful place (and not just cause I’m biased lol). But I do want to point out that the photo of the cascade 220 doesn’t do it justice at all. IT is amazing!!!!!!!

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