Getting Started with CustomFit

We had an amazing opening weekend with our CustomFit program, with over 25 people measured and ready to begin. You’ve been following the blog and looking at the CustomFit projects on Ravelry. Ready to get started? We have five CustomFit specialists on staff ready to launch you on this exciting adventure.

To get started, check our our calendar to see when a CustomFit specialist is available. You may schedule an appointment ahead of time, or, you may come in during a designated CustomFit drop-in time.

The cost of the multi-part consultation is $18. That fee includes the initial measuring service and a second consultation in which we will design and generate your unique pattern (read more about consultations here). You will also receive a coupon for $10 off a sweater lot of yarn. The CustomFit pattern itself is $9.99.

One of the best parts about CustomFit is that once your measurements are in the system, they stay there permanently, so we may generate patterns for you without having to do the consultation again and again. Each pattern is $9.99, and the more I learn about CustomFit, the more I marvel that this is a bargain price.

We are really excited about this program. Now that I’ve started, I honestly cannot see knitting sweaters any other way! I spent the weekend ripping out a raglan that I know won’t fit me and planning out three other CustomFit sweaters in addition to the one I have on the needles now. It truly is an exciting new way to knit for yourself!


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  1. Aimee K says:

    I started my sweater last week and I’m amazed that the measurements and row counts are so accurate!!!! I can’t wait to finish this one and start on another. Everyone needs to try this; you won’t be disappointed.

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