What happens in a CustomFit Consultation

…will always stay in a CustomFit Consultation, but luckily our friend Sasha (who makes the lovely project bags in the store), has agreed to share her CustomFit journey.

CustomFit is a program that will generate a unique sweater pattern based on YOUR measurements and YOUR gauge. There is no struggle to match the gauge given in a traditional pattern, and there is no guesswork involved in altering the pattern to fit your body shape.

Because CustomFit is designed to fit your body exactly, we must take a fairly extensive set of measurements. Traditional sweater patterns ask you to take one measurement, your bust measurement, and the sweater may or may not fit in other areas. Sasha has difficulty with many patterns because her upper frame is too small for most patterns: she has tried adapting patterns for teens, but those end up too tight under the arms and gaping at the hips, the widest part of her body. CustomFit is the perfect option for her.

We, as an official CustomFit LYS, have been trained to take the extensive set of measurements required for your pattern quickly and accurately.  We have found through our own experience that it is very difficult to take these measurements on ourselves, or to have our Significant Others do it at home (at the Kick Off Party on Friday, we will show you what happened when a loving husband took the measurements, and I’ll have pictures to share here next week).

When you come in to be measured, you should wear comfortable but well-fitting clothing. Here, Sasha is wearing a smooth, fairly close fitting t-shirt that she would wear as a layer under her sweater. When I was first measured, I wore jeans that — okay, I’m just going to say it  — gave me muffin top and the bulges did not allow for accurate measurements. Come in wearing layers that allow you to be both streamlined and comfortable. Also know that we will take you behind a screen so your measurements are private.

Measuring is just the first step in your CustomFit Consultation. After you are measured, we will send you away to swatch. We will talk more about swatching in upcoming blog entries and newsletters, but for now, know that your job is to produce a fabric that you will enjoy knitting and wearing.

When you come back with your washed swatch, we will measure it using CustomFit’s formula that will generate your pattern based on your gauge.

Then, we will really have fun. We will sit down with you and look through CustomFit’s options to create a sweater that you will love wearing. CustomFit has templates to create a general shape, or we can delve further into the program to create a truly unique design.

Sasha has chosen to make a crew neck cardigan, and we will follow her sweater making journey in the weeks to come.

Ready to sign up for your CustomFit Consultation? The cost of the Consultation is $18, which includes your measurement session and your design session. You will receive a coupon for $10 off of your purchase of a sweater lot of yarn.  The pattern itself that the CustomFit web application will generate for you is $9.99. We have spots open during our opening weekend, and will be taking general appointments soon. Give us a call at 412-441-4410 to schedule!

Questions, comments? We are happy to hear from you!

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4 Responses to What happens in a CustomFit Consultation

  1. Jen says:

    Great post on the process, and I look forward to seeing Sasha’s sweater in progress!

  2. Maria says:

    I’m currently working on a project from Amy’s Craftsy class! Love that you are getting this. My next project will definitely be using CustomFit. :-)

  3. Jennifer says:

    My question is they send you away to swatch. What if you don’t know what yarn you want or can’t afford the yarn right then?

  4. AnnaW says:

    Jennifer, I’m going to answer you in a blog post later today. These are great questions!

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