Announcing Custom Fit LYS!

We are very excited to announce that we are a Custom Fit LYS! We have been working with Amy Herzog and her Custom Fit team to get up and running and are ready to provide you with a great sweater knitting experience through this program!

If you’re unfamiliar with it, CustomFit is a website that generates custom sweater patterns for knitters. The program takes care of design and fit expertise (including ease!), so knitters only need to figure out the fun stuff: your yarn and what style of sweater you want to wear.  Every woman should have the feeling of putting on a piece of custom-made clothing. Having clothes that reinforce a message of your body being right is transformative, and creating our own clothes is the only way for most of us to get that experience.

But there’s so much more to knitting a sweater than just the numbers.  The Natural Stitches family wants you, as a knitter, to become a sweater knitter.

How it works:

  • We will provide you with professional and accurate measurementsYour measurements are the building block for your sweater.  We will take an extensive set of custom measurements, which will then be entered into the Custom Fit program and used to generate your sweater.  For an $18 consulting fee, we will take your measurements, help you choose the sweater design you want, and assist you with measuring and weighing your swatch. $10 of this fee will be credited back to when you purchase your yarn for the Custom Fit sweater.   Cost of each sweater pattern is $9.99.
  • We will free you from the constraints of gauge.  You will no longer struggle to match someone else’s stitch and row count when you make a gauge swatch.  Custom Fit sweaters are based on your gauge.  Do you want to use lace weight yarn?  Please do.  Is bulky more your style?  We can work with that.  Worsted cotton?  By all means.  You will swatch for a fabric that YOU like, using whatever yarn you want.  Something that isn’t too open yet not too dense.  Something that will drape appropriately for the sweater YOU want.  You choose the fabric that you like.  What’s that?  You want to incorporate a stitch pattern?  Sure, that’s do-able!   So are stripes!  Cables!  Color work!  It’s all within your reach!
  • We are here to support you!  If you’ve never knit a sweater before, this is a great place to start.  Have your measurements taken, knit your swatch, and then have a pattern generated for you.  We’re here for you as you cast on and knit.  We will be hosting Custom Fit Saturday Knit-Alongs where you can chat with other knitters who are creating Custom Fit sweaters.  Need help seaming?  We will host seaming workshops where you can learn the basics of mattress stitch, and we’ll help you ease in those sleeves.

At this time, there are five Custom Fit trained specialists on staff who will be happy to take your measurements and assist you with pattern selection, swatching, and creating your sweater.  Anna, Jenn, Jessica, Kelli and Yvonne are all familiar with the workings of the program, have been trained in taking accurate measurements, and are all working on their sweaters (well, all but Kelli, who is waiting for her yarn to come in).  Of course, all of the staff members here can help you choose the perfect yarn and talk to you about what kind of gauge is appropriate for a sweater!

Starting in April you’ll be able to make specific appointments, but for big fun, we’ll be having a Custom Fit Get Measured Weekend March 29 and 30!

On Saturday, appointments will be taken from 10:30 – 1:30, and on Sunday, appointments will be taken from 11:30 – 2:30.  You may call the shop at 412.441.4410 or stop by to register.

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  1. Sara says:

    So excited for you! Custom Fit is amazing. It’s given me the confidence the confidence to make a sweater for vertically challenged, overweight, short waisted, small shouldered, and busty me! Very much looking foward to the seaming classes.

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