Want to give the most unusual gift this year?

Those of you who have shopped with us, taken classes, read our newsletters, etc for any length of time know that Carla is the Queen of finding free patterns. What she also has is a talent for is finding the most, uh, unusual knitted patterns out there. As Keeper of the Blog, I never know what I’m going to find in my inbox from Carla each morning. I’m sharing them with you in the hopes that you will be inspired to give a truly unique gift this year. Here’s a sampler of some the most unique and fabulous patterns Carla has found lately:

What do you make for the person who has everything? An ice scraper mitten! (Ravelry link)

Neckties for children and adults!

Pink Piggy Slippers!

Felted Mukluks!

A knitted carrier for pies and casseroles (oh come on, tell me you aren’t tempted by that one!)

Do you have an outrageous pattern you love? Share it with us in the comments!

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