We’ve Gone and Lost Our Fool Minds!

At least I have. And some of our customers. A few months ago, one of our customers said she was going on vacation with a friend and they were going to cast on a new project every day. Crazy!!! we thought, and filed that away in our minds. Then last week, Sasha, who makes the pretty project bags and I were sitting around, and suddenly we were talking about casting on a project for each of the Twelve Days of Christmas.

And so a crazy plan has been going on. Some of our customers — including our yarn rep Andrea and dyer extraordinaire Rita of Yarn Hollow — have joined in the insanity. Starting Christmas Day, we have cast on a new project every day. It is so much fun! I feel it’s very freeing: I’ve been casting on small things I keep meaning to knit and never getting around to it. Sasha says it makes her feel better to cast on projects every day, as casting on is her favorite part of the knitting process.

You can follow our shenanigans on the Ravelry thread here. Look for projects tagged 12daysofcastingon. You can also see lots of fun pictures on Instagram with #12daysofcastingon. We hope you are inspired to do your own crazy thing with your knitting or crocheting over the holiday break!

Sasha’s vanilla socks in Socks that Rock Hobbit Garden:

Detail of my Darkside Cowl [free pattern!] in Yarn Hollow Brocade:


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