Crocheted Gift Ideas

By Charissa

So, if you’re anything like me, you’ve been up late on Christmas Eve or the night before Hanukkah starts on more than one occasion because you did not manage your project timeline well.  Admit it.  You’ve done it too.  I remember finishing the border on a huge granny square afghan in the car on Christmas morning one year and wrapping the afghan in the car before getting out at my aunt’s house.  You’re only laughing at me because you’ve done it too.  If you haven’t- you will.  So, Charissa (you ask me), how exactly do you avoid this terrible scenario and manage to make holiday crochet less stressful and more enjoyable?  How exactly do you put the holiday spirit back into the yarn, as opposed to sucking it all out and spitting it into the wind?

Start now.  Yeah.  Now.

Yes, I know it’s really hard to think about the holidays right when summer’s getting into gear.  The sun is out, the birds are chirping, the kids are home from school “spending quality time” with you (which in my house means insisting there’s nothing to do).  The pools are open, the dog doesn’t want to come in the house and the last thing on your mind is keeping everyone warm.  But this is exactly the time you need to do it!

Of course this is a terrible time to start sewing together a giant afghan or heavy sweater, but there are a lot of little crochet projects that are perfect for working on in the summer and stashing away until the holiday gift-giving begins.

How about hats?  If you want basic hats, I have two different hat classes available.  If you’re an old hat (pun most certainly intended) at crochet, there are also a lot of great patterns available for sale in the shop.  Or if you’re the free online pattern type, try the Divine hat or the adorable, slouchy Phannie.

Slippers are another great little gift.  Even if you don’t have someone specific in mind, these are a great thing to have on hand for the unexpected holiday guest.  I have a class for a cute, felted granny square slipper.  I also just ADORE this ballet slipper pattern (and popped out a pair last year in a record half hour) .  I did mine in Duo.  You can get about 20 zillion pairs (I counted) out of one ginormous ball of Duo and we have alot of cute buttons available in the shop for embellishment.  You can see my pair from last year here.

What about stuffed toys?  Fun to make, fun to give!  I have a whole class on these guys now and we have three books just full of them!  Some of my favorites I’ve found on ravelry are The Golden Snitch for the Harry Potter fan, The Safety Cone for the construction worker or contractor in your life; and of course, the Flamies for the person in your life who, like me, is easily amused.

Bath accessories are nice as a small gift, or as an additional touch to a gift basket. You can do anything from a poofy or back scrubber to a soap saver.  They don’t take much time, but are a constant reminder to the person using them that you care about their hygiene.

And of course, don’t think I’ve forgotten the pets in your life.  I too am so enamored by my pets that I crochet them things.  From the classic catnip mouse to the timeless doggie sweater, there are lots of options for crocheted gifts for pets. I myself have no rodents, but I’ve been trying to talk my husband into letting me get the kids a rat because I think they’re adorable.  And I’d totally crochet my pet rat this rat hammock. If you yourself don’t have pets, you’ll score big points with the pet parents in your life by crocheting for their pets.  Trust me.  We’re crazy like that for our four footed family members.

So your mission, fellow crocheters, is to get out there and start working on gifts for this holidy season!  Start downloading patterns, buying yarn and signing up for classes.  There’s no better time than now to get moving!  While there’s no excuse for the mall to decorate for Christmas before Halloween, there’s no excuse for you to wait any longer to get started on those gifts!

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  1. Mary Louise Wotring says:

    the link to the crochet ballet slippers does not link…

  2. Martha says:

    Often times old links go away. Sorry.

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