Knitted Chemo Caps Suggestions

We had a customer ask us for suggestions for chemo caps, and I thought I’d share ideas here on the blog. Many of us, sadly, have had occasion to knit chemo caps, and these are what’s worked best for us.

We have had a lot of feedback that even the softest of wool is too much for newly bald heads to handle, so we are suggesting yarns like Comfort DK, Cascade Ultra Pima, and Yarn Hollow Gemini. With that in mind, these patterns are for DK weight yarns.

Shedir is designed specifically to support breast cancer awareness and is a free pattern.

The Lace Edged Women’s Hat is a free download on Ravelry.

Grace Lace Beret is a free pattern and can be knit with less slouch for better coverage by going down a needle size on the body.

Odessa is a free Ravelry download and works really well as a chemo cap without the beads.

What patterns have worked well for you?

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2 Responses to Knitted Chemo Caps Suggestions

  1. Alia says:

    I just recently churned out half a dozen chemo caps for a friend. I used a different pattern and a different yarn for each, hoping to hit a combo that she’d find comfortable and stylish. The one she liked the best was Ribbons of Hope ( in Comfort DK. She said she liked that she could pull it down over her ears for extra warmth.

  2. Zelda says:

    (really, I’m not contrary!)
    I recently got a shot from a nurse who had chemo in the past year. When she saw me knitting in the waiting room, she had to tell me about the socks that someone had made for her. It sounded like a thick cuddly pair of house socks, maybe a cotton blend. She couldn’t say enough about her gift, how nice and comforting they were to put on in cold hospital rooms while she was getting chemotherapy. She practically made me promise to make socks if someone I cared about was in her situation.
    So, a Lady in Remission says: please consider chemo socks, too!

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