There were supposed to be pictures….

But the camera is downstairs and I am too tired to go find it. Tomorrow perhaps.

I stopped by the shop and put up a pretty “Coming Soon” sign in the window. So you can now figure out which shop front will be Natural Stitches’.

Coming Soon sign from Fast Signs

The contractor estimates 2 more weeks, then I’ll need at least a week to get things in, set up, and the bugs worked out of the sales system and everything.

Today 10 boxes showed up, nine from Crystal Palace and 1 from Kraemer. Kraemer sent 5 yesterday too.

Things are indeed in high gear! Thank you all for the support and encouragement, it means a lot to me!


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  1. lisa says:

    hooray! i can’t wait :) if you need help setting up, let me know–i’d be happy to help just for the opportunity to fondle all the yarn :) squee!

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