Fiber Resolutions

As we say goodbye to 2012, I asked the staff if they had any fiber-related resolutions for 2013. Mine is to be slightly more monogamous with my projects; after years of pooh-poohing the idea that there can never be too many things cast on at once, I am starting to feel really stressed at my number of unfinished projects.

Christiana: My new years resolution is to learn stranded knitting: I’m going to make the Sky Isle Cardigan [FREE pattern from Knitty] in Imperial Stock Ranch Columbia, and I believe that Jack and I are planning on working on our imperial stock ranch sweaters in February on Monday nights.

David: I’m going to try to go back to monogomy. . .  multiple UFO’s just stress me out.  In early 2012, I was on the track of working single projects from start to finish but by year’s end I was easily distracted and now have multiple projects waiting to be finished.  Perhaps my knitting was just a reflection of the “chaos” in my life in the latter part of 2012.  I plan to finish up the UFO’s that linger from 2012 and then strive to focus on monogamous knitting.

Emily: Since I’ve just moved, I’m resolving to photograph and catalogue the stash, so I have a better idea of what I have. I’ll start that once I figure out where I’ve packed the camera. Along with that goes using up some yarns I’ve had for 3 or more years – that seems ample time for marination.

Jack: My resolution is to finish ALL of my WIPs before starting anything new…yeah right.

Jenn: I only have a few WIPs…perhaps my resolution should be to cast on ALL the things?

Kelli: I don’t have a set resolution but I want to get organized and get some things finished.

Lee: Spin enough yarn to make a sweater and finish all my WIPs and use yarn from my stash and organize my fiber and notions….all this planning is making me tired….I think I need a nap…zzzz

Martha: Hmm… I’ll resolve to finish at least two currently started projects. AND the Christmas Stocking I didn’t finish for my brand new niece (I’m a bad Auntie).

Nora: LOL….same as last year. I need to knit and spin the stash and finish some of my 20-30 WIPs!

Yvonne: Funny you should ask, as I was just thinking about this the other day.  1. Organize my stash a little better. 2. Get a better handle on my stash-to-planned-project ratio. 3. Finish at least one WIP before starting another project. 4. Finish the oldest WIP in my UFO bin.  I was going to try project monogamy, but upon further reflection, I am more of a project polygamist and should stick to what I do best. [Raise your hand if you are now picturing Yvonne in polygamist Big Love getup.]

Zelda: 2013: Resurrection! I’m tired of the two sweaters that I’ve completed and wish to finish some of the ones that are almost done. My theme is sweaters and socks. and maybe some Orphan Salvage for the ancient but deserving in my stash.

What fiber resolutions are you making?



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2 Responses to Fiber Resolutions

  1. Helen says:

    I’m going to work on my WIPs and finish those up. Then, it’ll be back to only a couple of projects on the needles: a sock, something lace and a sweater. That’ll keep me busy enough.

  2. Becky says:

    It’s Stashdown: 2013 over here at Chez Beck- Fiber can come in at the pace of 1 braid/month, but yarn is not coming in unless it is 1. a gift (it’s rude to turn down a giftie!!) or 2. for charity blankets.

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