Meet the Natural Stitches Staff: Elise

Name: Elise

Project I would never knit again: I’ve been working on this afghan for the last two years!  It’s gonna be sweet, but once it’s done I’m never jumping on that bus again 😉

Project I would gladly knit again: I crocheted about 15 of these cupcakes for a potluck I believe, right after Annette taught me how to crochet. Needless to say they were surprised!

Nine times out of ten I knit crochet with (color): earthy green (or earthy yellow, earthy orange…sensing a trend?).

My favorite fiber is: wool.

Rip out or hide mistakes: hide!

Solid or variegated: solid

Knitting Mantra: I can do it. Maybe not yet, but I will.

Crochet ability: Pretty good!

Spinning ability: none, but want to learn

Circular or straight: circular

My go-to notion: Clover Chibi darning needles

My go-to yarn: Cascade 220

I need a gift FAST! I’m going to knit/crochet: A hat!

I want a fiber-related gift! Gimme: Enough 220 to force me to crochet my first sweater. Or an intermediate knitting class!

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