1936 – 2012

Today, Natural Stitches would like to take a moment to recognize the passing of one of our frequent customers, Mattie Davis.

Mattie was a frequent Thursday night knitter/crocheter, often bringing a smile to our faces when she would dance along to the music, chuckle at something we were talking about, or when she would talk with enthusiasm about the Center and her Wii Bowling League.

Rest in peace, Mattie.  We know you’re really dancing with the stars now.


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3 Responses to 1936 – 2012

  1. steven a. says:

    oh mattie. i’ll miss you. if there’s a heaven, i know you’re working on k2 p2 ribbing in steelers gold.

  2. lisabee says:

    a lovely tribute. we should all be so loved and remembered.

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