What’s in Your Puff Kit?

This Saturday, April 7 is our first Hexipuff-A-Long, in which we puff en masse. In other words, we are going to bring in our Beekeeper’s Quilts, knit the hexagon segments, and swap sock yarn scraps with one another. All are welcome!

In preparation for Saturday, I made sure my Puff Kit was fully stocked. While my sock yarn scraps take up one of those giant zip-locks, and my completed puffs are in a big mason jar at home, I am always ready to Puff on the Go.

Do you need a bag for your own Puff Kit? Sasha has dropped off a new batch of her adorable box bags.

Hope to see you on Saturday!

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One Response to What’s in Your Puff Kit?

  1. Helen says:

    I will be there!!! :-)

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