2012 Resolutions!

It’s that time! I asked the staff if they had made any fiber-related resolutions for 2012. Rather than think of these as a list of things we can and cannot do, let’s think of them as ways to guide our handiwork this year. For example, I am knitting the “Three S’s” this year: sweaters, socks, and shawls. After a foray into baby knitting, my child had the nerve to outgrow the things I made for him, so I want to concentrate more on me in 2012.

Amy: My goals are mostly about finishing and organization. And I probably have more on this list than I can accomplish in one year.

1 – Finish the Babette blanket. It is very close and I started it in 2008. It’s my only long term UFO (other than a sweater that lacks a zipper) and it’s time for it to be done.

2 – The downside of being a prolific knitter for 8 years is that I have a basket of items that need mending. I also have sweaters that need minor modifications (smaller collar, put in zipper, reinforce buttons, etc). I want to fix everything in the basket, as well as shaving my sweaters that are pilling.

3 –There are 2011 babies I still haven’t knit for and several close friends expecting in 2012. I love knitting and crocheting for babies and I want to make it a priority again.

4 – Following up on past project ideas. I have at least a dozen Ziplocs with yarn and project ideas. Each contains an index card with a description and/or sketch of what I want to do with said yarn. I have promised myself that I won’t submit any design ideas to books or magazines until I work through these designs and see if they work out for self-publishing.

5 – General organization of my designs for self-publishing. Finalizing my pattern layout template, publishing the patterns that are “almost done”, and taking stock of what (if any) goals I have for self-publishing patterns.

6 – Move my office out of my son’s room so that I don’t have to have a stockpile projects next to my bed…since I can’t access my stash and books while he’s sleeping.

7 – Somewhere in all of this I want to make another vest for myself. Preferably in a new-to-me yarn.

Courtney: My goals for 2012 are to spin more (and learn how to use a wheel!), and to make (or at least start) a traditional Shetland lace shawl.

David: I have the same goal every year: knit more for myself. But that never seems to happen. However, in 2011, I acquired much yarn destined to be projects for myself. I hope to get to those projects during 2012.

Yvonne’s class on the Discovery Sock re-awakened my interest in handmade socks. [Ed Note: Next Personal Footprints class will be scheduled for February.] My goal is to make myself at least 6 pairs and I think a sock a month is an attainable goal.

Finally, in 2011, I was outdone in the lace area. Jack, Karen and Courtney all knitted some beautiful projects. I am planning to participate in the “12 Shawls in 2012″ Ravelry Group.

Kelli: I need to get my knitting cleaned up. I need to organize my yarn and get everything back into place so I can finish my projects. I need to get everything into one spot so when I think “Oh, I should work on this!” I know where it is.

Monica:I have 50 some things in my ravelry queue. Compared to others not that much, but I have the yarn ready to go for, oh… all but maybe two of those 50+ projects. So maybe a good goal would be to work on things already in the queue? :)

Also I want to hopefully remember this coming year all the things I have in hibernation, so I can do the ‘finish or frog’ thing with them. Preferably the former, because I have some lovely stuff going (Kaw Valley Wrap, a Petrie top, among others).

Yvonne: My fiber goals in 2012 are to knit down some of my stash.  I’ve taken a hard look at my stash recently, and my queue, and have a plan to knock some things down in the coming year. My other goal is to knit at least 2 shawls from Victorian Lace Today and/or Folk Shawls.

Zelda: I wish to keep on puffing in the free world. I think a third sweater is about due. Oh, and I’m going to birth some sort of awesome fair isle vest by the end of May — hopefully eye-peeling and hilarious. (There is a party and drinking involved in this vest’s destiny.) On to GOALS: MORE SPINNING. and more making my own pattern FOR THE ANGRY YARNS IN BINS.

What goals and resolutions have you made for yourself this year?


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