I Need to Ask You Something.

I am Zizmo.

I need to ask you about this.  It is a very important question.

Several months ago, I mentioned a confessional.  I am starting the confessional.  (Please excuse my disco headband.  The costume shop no longer had any priest-like garb in my size.  I think that they didn’t have any to begin with, but I digress.  Pretend the headband is a white collar, and I am wearing black.)

Confessional Question Number 1:

If you had to estimate your stash in terms of pounds…what would it weigh?

Jenn thinks hers would weigh about 35 pounds.  (She may not have said that.  I may be projecting on her behalf.  Don’t tell her.)

Yvonne says hers is about 70 pounds.  She bases this idea on how large the boxes from Cascade generally are, and how much yarn she thinks she can fit into a box.

We think Anna’s stash will be larger than both of Yvonne and Jenn’s stashes put together.

Monica is refusing to answer, pleading the Fifth Amendment and also pleading ignorance, because she keeps part of her stash hidden where she can’t think of it.  (Imagine!  It would be like Christmas  every time she found it again!).

So please tell me:  How many pounds does your stash weigh?

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6 Responses to I Need to Ask You Something.

  1. Jenn says:

    Zizmo overestimated a bit, I did the math. My total stash (including what is and is not in Ravelry but not including projects to be frogged) is 9100 grams, which Google tells me is 20.1 pounds.

  2. Martha says:

    Well… before the Flood of 2009 I would be embarrassed to say.


    Not counting the shop?

    More than I can knit in my lifetime.

  3. Robin F. says:

    I actually have two stashes- one for yarn and one for fabric. My yarn stash weighs over 200 lbs. (OK now I’m officially embarrassed)

  4. Melissa says:

    Are we including the numerous tupperware tubs it’s in when we weigh it?

  5. Pat Andrews says:

    Me thinks I need to revisit the store and kidnap bunnies.

    Elmer Fudd

    PS The M&Ms were very good. I am out now and need more, more, more! Those pesky rabbits don’t have enough meat on them to please an ant.

  6. Pat Andrews says:

    My stash weighs how much? I’m not sure. I just know it is contained in 14 plastic tubs. I’m going to hazard a guess of 80 to 100 lbs.

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