Did You Know About This?

It is I, Zizmo.

I am wanting to talk to you about something we have here at the store.  I did not know about this until I overheard the employees discussing it.  There is something where you can fill out a paper for things you want.  They called it a GIFT REGISTRY.  I did not know such a thing existed!

Oliver became very excited and started filling one out.

He is asking for many things:

Angora yarn.


I don't know why he is asking for angora...yet I am not surprised.

Many things. Many, many things he wants.

You see how he has a list? You could also have a list.

What else does he want? He wants the pattern to knit Hop.

Sitting on the shoulder of a bunny. *Sigh.*

He says he wants minions of his own, and the only way to get something smaller than him is to get bunny buttons.

Steve disapproves of this idea.


Other things on his registry:

I am not sure what to say about this. It is a dumpling bag.

Knitted Jewelry!



He picked out large knitting needles, because he said there was some vampire movie opening in a few weeks…something about broken morning?  I am not sure what he means.  Maybe he will knit at the theater.  But then he may get buttery topping on his knitting.  Who knows.

Edward and the Cullen Clan, beware!

I don’t know what he wants with this.  He says he gets messy.

I am not going to ask. Perhaps it is for the buttery topping incident.


So come in.  Ask the helpful, friendly people for a registry sheet.  They are happy to even loan you a pen with which to fill it out.  Then you can tell your friends and family you are registered at Natural Stitches, and they may do some of their holiday shopping for you here.

I am Zizmo.  And that is all for now.










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