Odds and Ends for March

What’s New?

  •  A boatload of stuff from Noro: Jenny Watson’s Noro Flower’s Book 4, a collection featuring the new Noro Chirimen;

    new colors of Noro Taiyo and a big restock of Noro Silk Garden

  • Cottage Creations patterns, including the famous Wonderful Wallaby pattern
  • New Spring colors of Mission Falls 1824 Cotton Whirl
  • Buttons galore

Franklin! Franklin blogs about his visit with us here.

You know someone on tv!  Melissa’s nieces and nephews (for whom she made the adorable knitted bears) will be on Discovery Health Channel on Tuesday, March 10. The original show on the quads will air at 8:00; the brand new update show will air at 9:00.


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2 Responses to Odds and Ends for March

  1. Amberlee says:

    OMGosh could that be any cooler or cuter!!! Congrats!!!

  2. AnnaW says:

    No bear shots, though. Disappointing. 😉

    -Melissa (not Anna)

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