The Precioussssss

From our newsletter: If you’re a fan of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy (or if you’re like me and live with someone who is) you know that “The Precious” is how Gollum refers to The One Ring, the thing he loves and desires most in the world. Here at Natural Stitches, we use the term to refer to the yarn that’s sitting in your stash that you can’t bring yourself to knit or crochet anything with because it’s so special. I asked the staff to name their Precious….Preciouses….Preciousi?

Anna: I have two. One is my Dream in Color Starry in Cloud Jungle which is just so darn pretty and is even MORE precious now that the Starry is temporarily discontinued. My other Precious is Thirteen Mile Lamb and Wool Co. Thirteen Mile Yarn that I bought in Wyoming on my honeymoon.

Carla: My Precious is going to be different from everyone else’s. There is no emotional attachment or memories of where I got it. In fact, I think I bought my precious at a yarn auction at a knitting guild meeting. I just love the yarn and want to showcase it in the most spectacular way possible. My precious is five skeins of Kraemer Yarns Fountain Hill Brushed Mohair. The color is called Taffy Pull and is a warm caramel brown with green and gold shiny flecks in it. It is so “Me” that I must use it for the absolute best thing ever. It’s funny this question is coming up right now as I am almost committed to using it to make the Anjou in the new book French Girl Knits. Isn’t it funny that I still can’t just say “I using it for the Anjou in French Girl Knits“? I just can’t commit to it. I have other precious but that’s my main one. When I finally decide to make something out of it I will hang a big sign on my back letting everyone know I finally found a pattern worthy of my “precious”.

Charissa: I have a sweater lot of worsted weight merino, hand-dyed by Tess. I got it at Maryland Sheep and Wool, so it’s not just beautiful it’s starting to become a little bit of a sentimental thing for me and I am afraid I won’t do it justice. There’s also the Malabrigo lace weight in exactly the most perfect shade of green ever.

Melissa: I have three or four Preciouses (Prescioui?), most of which were purchased on my honeymoon in Scotland. The two most precious were purchased here

Croft Wools & Weavers, Cuaig, on the western coast of Scotland. One is a sweater kit of fingering weight yarn spun from their own sheep (slated to be an EZ yoke sweater), the second is a single ply wool laceweight. They only had one ball left, and I have no idea what the yardage is which makes it tricky to plan for a project. I think it’s going to be the centerpiece of a lace stole using Malabrigo laceweight for the borders.

Monica: The Pagewood Farms Alyeska sock yarn in the Birds of Paradise colorway.

Martha: My Precious is LaLaine. This yarn has two different incarnations, both of which are special to me. The first is Brunswick’s original LaLaine, the first superwash wool yarn I ever encountered. It has 260 yards of DK/Worsted weight Merino softness. When Patons bought Brunswick, they redid the yarn a bit tighter, but still soft and lovely. Alas, it is no longer made so all I have is pretty much all there will be. And there is yet to be another yarn quite as wonderful as LaLaine. Mind you, I have close to 100 skeins of this lovely yarn squirreled away in my stash. And no, it’s not for sale OR trade.

Teri: To have “Precious” is to have stash, and my goal is to lead a stashless life. [Ed note: We know Teri is speaking English. We just quite can’t parse what she’s saying. No stash???] That being said I do have yarns I keep giving a wistful look: Rowan’s Kidsilk Haze in that vibrant fuchsia that wows me every time I see it, Cascade Eco Alpaca in dark brown, and Interlacements Kansas in the soft peach/rose.

So what’s your Precious? Share your story at our blog. Your homework for next time? Think of a use for your Precious!

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3 Responses to The Precioussssss

  1. AnnaW says:

    Okay, I have to confess that I have a lot more Preciouses than I originally admitted to here. My Tess Silk and Ivory. My Alpaca with a Twist Baby Twist. My Socks that Rock stash (although I’m getting over that one). I know for me, part of it is perfectionism: what could I possibly make that would be “good enough” for this yarn? What keeps others from using their Precious?

  2. lisabee says:

    yeah, i’m with you, anna, on what keeps me from using my preciouses: what could possibly be worthy? if i make x with it, will i regret it later, when i stumble across the pattern for y, which would *really* have been most perfect? what if i mess up x?

    my preciouses begin with my tess silk and ivory, include a few random skeins of fleece artist and handmaiden fibers, and end with all the malabrigo sock i’ve bought at natural stitches. so pretty, but who deserves socks made from it? and what if i choose something and it’s not the best pattern possible? or i start something and run out of yarn? i know. yarn is not an immediately finite commodity; if i use it and screw it up, or just use it and it’s, well, USED, i can always get more. that attitude is what i *really* call fearless knitting.

  3. Amberlee says:

    Oh I have bits of yarn I have loved, but for some strange reason it always ends up as something made for someone precious to me. I guess I am weird that way. I love seeing my daughter or sons in something I have made them with a precious yarn. Someday I will find that one *right* yarn that will be stashed away just for me. Until then, I will look through my stash and find that “just right” yarn for those I love. Great article, thanks!

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