Help for Japan

Like most of you, I’ve been watching the coverage of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan with a heavy heart. It’s easy to feel helpless in a situation like this, but, as typical in the fiber community, knitters and crocheters have rallied and found small yet tangible ways to help.

You can donate directly to Knitters without Borders, an organization that sponsors the amazing charity Doctors Without Borders, through the Yarn Harlot’s blog.

Kay Gardiner, of Mason-Dixon Knitting, has designed a blanket square pattern. Proceeds from this pattern, Mitered Crosses Pattern For Japan, will go to Mercy Corps.

Janel Laidman, author of The Enchanted Sole and The Eclectic Sole (two of our favorite sock books), has designed the Eiki (strength) Shawl, with all profits going to the Japanese Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders.

If you know of any other ways to help, comment here.

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