Shop Sample Spotlight: Wee Cria

samples sept (2)

We are super-obsessed with Ysolda’s Wee Ones collection, as evidenced here by the first of two Wee Crias. This delightfully girly version was knit by Zelda in Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere. Wee Cria is available on its own or as an e-book with Wee Ones as a Ravelry in-store download purchase.

For more Ysolda obsession, see our Wee Envelope and our Wee Liesl!

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FO Friday: Kathryn’s Bazaar Socks

When Kathryn pulled these out of her bag, we all gasped. These beauties are Priscilla Gibson-Robert’s Bazaar Socks, knitted in Kathryn’s Cascade Heritage sock yarn leftovers. Kathryn said each part reminded her of the original project, so the knitting was a trip down memory lane.

kathryn (2) kathryn (3)


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Getting BareNaked with David…

Yes, it is as exciting as you think!

It doesn’t, however, involve skin.

Canton, Ohio is the headquarters for BareNaked Wools — makers of Stone Soup Fingering and (new to us) Stone Soup DK yarns.  When I received the phone call that our Stone Soup DK yarn was ready for us, I opted to take a quick road trip to pick the yarn up instead of waiting (impatiently) for our postal carrier (whose name is Thomas) to deliver the package to us.  It was probably safer for him, too.*

The BareNaked Wools Boutique is located on a quiet street in Canton; it’s a pretty quick drive from Pittsburgh.  I asked David if he would be willing to travel with me, and he and I left at about 9, and arrived at the boutique at around 11.  Since the boutique is generally closed on Wednesdays, we had the place to ourselves and were able to really browse the yarns, look at the samples that they had hanging, and (of course) spend some quality time talking to Anne Hanson about the yarn, her designs, her boutique and Natural Stitches.

David, David, David.

David, David, David.

Anna, Martha and I (plus frequent customer Robin T.) are all members of Anne’s Passion Club, and I was SUPER THRILLED when Anne asked if I wanted to see the actual knitted items from this month’s offering!  There was no way I was going to say no to that!  David had to pull the scarf back out of my purse several times, but we also indulged in a “selfie” and sent it off to Anna (who may have been supremely jealous).

I'm so overcome with emotion I can't help but make a weird face.

I’m so overcome with emotion I can’t help but make a weird face.

As much as we would have liked to spend more time, we did really have to leave, but did manage a group photo before heading out.

IMG_20140917_120510So, details:

Stone Soup DK – available in 6 colors
300 yards, $30.50/skein
Great for:  Anything!   Suggestions:  Polartorte, Goobalini, Danger, Wheaten wrap, Oatmeal Stout (all available through the Ravelry in-store download program).

Stone Soup DK - for all your knitting needs.

Stone Soup DK – for all your knitting needs.

*Have you been here when we’re waiting for something exciting?  It’s pretty bad; grown women plastered to the front window like urchins at the bakery.


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FO Friday: Barry’s Metalouse

Barry brought in his Metalouse, made partially with Cascade Casablanca. This yarn is self-striping in long color runs and is currently on sale at 20%! Metalouse is free on Knitty. Barry did a great job!


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Blue Moon Fiber Arts Yarn Tasting

Last week, Yvonne played host and yarn rep and shared information about the lovely yarns from one of our favorite vendors, Blue Moon Fiber Arts.

Participants were given samples of BFL Sport Weight, Marine Silk Fingering, Peru, Socks that Rock Lightweight, Targhee Worsted, Woobu, Worthy and Yaksi.

Our friends at the East Liberty Edible Arrangements donated a lovely fruit bouquet, and frequent customer Angie, who is also a pastry chef at Vanilla Pastry Studio, provided us with some “Blue” Moon Pies.

I could go on about the fun and the education, but since they say pictures are worth a thousand words, here you go!

blue moon tasting (2)blue moon tasting (10)

blue moon tasting (11) blue moon tasting (14) blue moon tasting (19) blue moon tasting (25) blue moon tasting (26)

sock taste

If you’ve never joined us for a yarn tasting, you should change that!  While we don’t have one on the books right now, we generally hold them on Wednesday evenings and sample at least 5 different yarns (but often more).   Stay tuned to our blog, Ravelry and the newsletter for further developments on our next yarn tasting!


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Jenn’s SECOND CustomFit

CustomFit sweaters are our new potato chip knitting: once you knit one, you have to knit another.

Jenn Hempton (2) Jenn Hempton (8) Jenn Hempton (10)

Jenn went Deep Stash Diving and used Hempton for her sweater. You could get a similar three-season sweater with Cascade Ultra Pima or Louet Euroflax. Jenn’s design choices:  Short-sleeved scoop-neck pullover with twisted rib edgings generated with an average fit.

Want to make your own? Give us a call at 412-441-4410 to schedule your CustomFit Consultation appointment with trained CustomFit specialist!

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FO Friday: Lisa’s Hitchhiker

Is this not the perfect pattern for some easy, soothing knitting that shows off your variegated yarn? Lisa brought in her Hitchhiker in Cascade Heritage Paints. This yarn is currently on clearance for 20% off! The pattern is available as a Ravelry In-Store Download purchase.

Lisa hitchhiker (2)


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Yarn Hollow Rita is Psyched for Spinzilla!

Today we welcome Rita, the amazing dyer behind Yarn Hollow, to the blog to get us revved up for Spinzilla! For more information about how to sign up for our Spinzilla team, check here or give us a call at 412-441-4410.


Howdy Natural Stitches Spinners! Thanks so much for jumping on board again for Spinzilla! We are very excited that your combined team is part of the fun and festivities of Spinzilla 2014! This year, 56 teams joined in, and so far there are 832 spinners who are going to spin, spin, SPIN during Spinning and Weaving Week, October 6-12! Kudos to you for your 18 spinners registered so far – we appreciate the enthusiasm and camaraderie and look forward to seeing the yardage you spin!

The funds that spinners contribute to participate will be donated to the NeedleArts Mentoring Program (NAMP), a charity run by The National NeedleArts Association (TNNA.) Last year, over $5,600 was donated to NAMP, which is using those funds to revamp and re-energize its message and reach as well as add a Handspinning component to the program. NAMP provides supplies for mentors to work with children’s programs teaching a variety of needle arts skills. Your Spinzilla fees are helping grow the next generation of needle arts enthusiasts!

Speaking of new needle arts enthusiasts, Spinzilla is a great event for ALL spinners, those new to spinning and spinners with years of experience. Relative newbies, I am talking directly to you here: We want YOU to join a team and spin! Spinning as much as you can in one week will improve your skills and help you be a more confident spinner. Use your relative newness to the craft as an opportunity to learn, spin, and share your enthusiasm! Team are going to love to having as many spinners as they can. We are spinning for the love of handspinning; if you are a handspinner, you are a member of the community! Another benefit of spinning as much as you can in a week gives you wide latitude in experimenting with different fibers, different techniques, different colors, etc. And then you’ll have an enormous pile of handspun yarn at the end!

There is a Spinzilla blog and blog tour that goes along with Spinzilla, too. Use these resources as a guide for preparing – learn about washing a fleece, if you want to start with raw materials. Learn about estimating how much fiber you need – that’s there too! And there is a lot of community building at the Spinzilla ravelry forum and other places around the internet – once you join a team (or choose to spin rogue) check out Ravelry, facebook, and other social media sites for where your team hangs out – learn about other spinners, make new friends, talk about your favorite fiber and techniques!

At the end of the week, there will be a few days to wind your yarn and count your yardage and submit it for your team total. There are plenty of random prizes that will be awarded, as well as awards for the team that spins the most yardage, and the spinners who spin the most yards! And a photo contest too, with fiber prizes for you to win and replenish your stash.

Get on board if you haven’t already – it will be a fun week!

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Presenting Yvonne’s CustomFit Cardigan!

If you know Yvonne at all, you know that she is always doing things for other people: running the shop, planning all our fun events, or helping customers with their projects. She spends very little time on herself, and so I was pleased to see her finally in her CustomFit Cardigan!

yvonne (1) yvonne (19) yvonne (39)

Yvonne chose the basic open-front cardigan option in Blue Moon Fiber Arts BFL Sport in the Grawk colorway. (If you’d like to see this yarn in action, by the way, you can sample it at our Blue Moon Fiber Arts Yarn Tasting Party on Wednesday night!). The finished cardigan is easy to wear and can go anywhere!

Want to make your own awesome sweater? Give us a call at 412-441-4410 to schedule your CustomFit appointment!


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FO Friday: Sara’s Custom Fit

Sara sent us these pictures of herself  modeling her CustomFit top based on Amy Herzog’s Nantasket vest. Nantasket has been a popular choice around here, and Sara’s beautiful version is knit in Yarn Hollow’s Gemini, a bamboo and cotton blend.  Looking good, Sara!

sarahf (2)sarahf (1)

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